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Leading the Frontier of Access Control System to Start Smart Life
6 advantages of face recognition system make management smarter and more humane
Excellent face recognition system algorithm
Using the ultra-low data volume BPR V4.0 algorithm, the face recognition system has higher recognition accuracy and faster speed.
Friendly software interface
Client software based on the Android system for the development of the guest system, without the need for professional training, it is easy to use and easy to maintain.
Color + black and white dual cameras
Face recognition access control color imaging effect, restore the high value of customers. Dual camera combination, strong light adaptability.
7-inch full-view high-performance touch screen
Without the help of a third-party mouse and keyboard, all operations are completed on the home screen, bringing customers a smooth and perfect smart community experience.
Humanized voice prompt function
Voice prompts such as "Good morning and a happy weekend" say goodbye to boring human-machine communication, and are more user-friendly.
Network communication and expansion performance
The product supports TCP / IP communication protocol, which can easily realize remote system upgrade, remote operation, remote maintenance, and large-scale networking. It is more convenient to use; the equipment is equipped with RJ45 network port and USB interface, compatible with most access control system products on the market.
4 advantages of license plate recognition system make parking management easier
Quick recognition in 0.1 seconds
Quad-core intelligent transportation video analysis all-in-one machine, high-definition wide dynamic CMOS and TI DSP, peak computing capacity up to 6.4Ghz; SONY image processor; high-speed hardware, authoritative detection
5 million HD pixels
License plate / face dual recognition; day / night is also clear ; taking pictures / videos are more versatile; the rate is 1920 * 1080
99.99% recognition accuracy
Motion detection video stream recognition 25 frames / second, accurate calculation and efficient recognition, progressive scanning CMOS 1 / 2.8; automatic light balance
Fully adaptable to harsh environments
Adapt to rain, snow, fog, and bad weather; adapt to forward light and backlight, intelligent modification of license plate defacement and deformation; adapt to 45 ° large-angle recognition
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Face recognition access control system
Face recognition community intercom
Facial recognition conference sign-in (Visitor treasure)
Stranger Visitor Registration
Wall-mounted face recognition system
Economy integrated dual line screen
Face recognition access control system
Face recognition community intercom
Facial recognition conference sign-in (Visitor treasure)
Stranger Visitor Registration
Wall-mounted face recognition system
Unattended 719, 721 and voice intercom calling system
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Choice of 3000 large enterprises, Ruilean's defense strength proof
Reliable brand
Ten years of grinding a sword to achieve outstanding brands in the industry
For 10 years, he has focused on the field of intelligent entrance control, researched and developed a variety of equipment such as face recognition systems and license plate recognition systems, and provided professional solutions, and has accumulated rich experience.
Won a number of honors: national high-tech enterprises; Shaanxi security impact of the top ten brands, trusted brand experience.
multiple choices
Full range of smart products to meet various needs
The intelligent system products cover various systems such as face recognition access control, visitor system, intelligent parking lot system, aisle system, fingerprint lock system, aisle gate system, etc., to meet various needs of businesses.
At the same time provide professional intelligent system solutions; one-stop solution to problems.
safe and stable
Advanced technology gives you a safer and more stable intelligent system
Professional campus shuttle system technology, strong R & D team, exquisite design appearance, humanized intelligent system.
It makes management more convenient, labor costs are more economical, and intelligent system upgrades are safer and more stable.
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级售后服务体系10分钟响应 10 minutes response for 4A level after-sales service system
Make every effort to ensure the normal operation of the equipment
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24 hours customer service online
Professional team's 24-hour remote online support, remote guidance when problems occur, and timely troubleshooting.
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Rush to the scene within 3 hours
In response to problems that cannot be resolved far away, the emergency project team arrived at the scene within 3 hours to promptly eliminate temporary emergency failures for customers.
3 A 3
Free lifetime upgrade
After-sales service tracking return visit mechanism, the software system is free to upgrade for life.
4 A 4
Complaints go directly to the top
Corporate WeChat public platform for repairs and general manager direct train services and complaints.
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Boss enthusiastic, fair price
An accidental chance to meet with President Zhang of Xi'an Ruile Security Co., Ltd., the owner is very enthusiastic, and has been working for more than three years.
Excellent technology and good reputation
In the process of cooperation with Xi'an Ruile Security, I deeply felt that Xi'an Ruile Security's professional ability and execution ability can be said to be second to none in the industry. The company has a strong ability to execute from top to bottom, active cooperation, and considerate service, and truly feel at home!
Source R & D and production enterprises, excellent quality
While cooperating with Xi'an Ruile Security Technology Co., Ltd., we went to Xi'an Ruile Security Technology to inspect the company. I have to say that the scale of Xi'an Ruile Security Technology Co., Ltd. is very large, with its own core technology. Working with such a company, we feel very relieved!
Service first, worry-free after sales
The staff of Xi'an Ruile Security are experienced and experienced employees. Able to fully understand our needs, also provided me with many good suggestions, and praised their professionalism!
Xi'an Ruile Security Technology Co., Ltd. was established on February 15, 2007. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in weak electricity security industry. Since the establishment of the company for more than 10 years, it has maintained close cooperative relations with many high-tech research institutions at home and abroad, manufacturers, and government functional departments. The company provides customers with weak system full system services, and provides customers with license plate recognition management systems and face recognition
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    Xi'an Ruile Security Cooperation Authorization Letter
  • 瑞乐安防商标注册申请书
    Ruilei Security Trademark Registration Application Form
  • 西安瑞乐安防营业执照
    Xi'an Ruile Security Business License
  • 西安人行通道闸安装
    Installation of Xi'an pedestrian walkway gate
  • 以服务至上为重要指标
    Service-oriented as an important indicator
  • 感谢公司员工坚守在第一岗位
    Thank you company employees for staying on top
  • 始终以服务客户为第一指标
    Always take customer service as the first indicator
The secrets behind housing supplements in third- and fourth-tier cities
At a time when economic development is under increasing internal and external pressure, maintaining the stability of the property market is becoming an important task for local governments, and related measures to "upgrade" the property market are also expected. In a county where the local government “does n’t cover the expenditure”, the higher level subsidies and land sales revenue account for the majority of the financial resources, but also the purpose of providing financial subsidies for local housing purchases? On December 31, 2019, Fushun County, Zigong City, Sichuan Province issued the “Fu Shun County Implementation Rules for Financial Subsidization of Commodity Housing Purchases”. Residents of newly built commercial housing will be given a one-off financial subsidy of 200 yuan / square meter. According to the above documents, the source of subsidy funds shall be borne by the finance of Fushun County. This subsidy policy is only for new construction ...
Difficulties in applying face recognition system
Due to the rapid development of science and technology, more and more places in our lives have begun to use face recognition systems, but there are also some problems in the application process of face recognition systems, such as the following aspects: similarities between different individuals There is not much difference between them, all the faces have similar structures, and even the structures and shapes of the face organs are similar. Such a feature is advantageous for positioning using a human face, but is disadvantageous for distinguishing a human individual using a human face. The shape of a volatile face is very unstable, and people can generate many expressions through changes in the face. At different viewing angles, the visual image of the face is also very different. In addition, face recognition is also affected by lighting conditions (such as At night, indoor and outdoor, etc.), many coverings of human faces (such as masks, sunglasses ...
Main application areas of license plate recognition system
The current license plate recognition system mainly integrates advanced photoelectric, computer, image processing, pattern recognition, remote data access and other technologies to achieve monitoring.
The current license plate recognition system mainly integrates advanced photoelectric, computer, image processing, pattern recognition, remote data access and other technologies to achieve monitoring.
When the face recognition system performs face recognition technology operations, the main processes are: image acquisition, face detection, image quality evaluation, live detection (optional), feature extraction, and feature comparison.
Anti-trailing has always been a difficult problem to solve. In the face of such problems, it is recommended to deal with the access control system in the following ways: a. Change the door: install a quick-pass door (or three-roller brake). This method also has its shortcomings, like the speed gate, which is basically used in
The site access control system should also pay attention to the installation of pipelines. The main installation items are as follows: 1. The wiring of the installation project should comply with the national regulations "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Electrical Installation Engineering" and relevant regulations and regulations issued by the state. Threading in pipes or trunking should be in the building
85 lines do not use twisted pair or use low-grade passive converters. The 485 communication line cannot be connected in a star connection, and must follow the standard hand-in-hand bus mode. If 485 wiring is not standardized or super
The power load is too heavy! The main manifestation is too much electric lock! The standard power supply is a 12V / 5A linear power supply. Can meet (with wiring specifications, under the premise of large cross-section area) four more doors (4
The line from the electric lock to the controller in the access control construction looks very ordinary. If it is not standardized, it can easily cause a failure phenomenon that is difficult to find the cause. This must be taken seriously! It is very wrong to replace the dedicated electric lock control line with a general network cable of.

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